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What does my business need to use your service?

Businesses and corporations can sign up easily through our website and start ordering immediately. If you would like to integrate our services into your current operations or into your existing logistic network, email us and we will provide with all our API manuals.

Can I use Quincus for personal use?

We do not provide our services for personal use. At Quincus, we focus on providing technology for logistic service providers that focuses in (Shipping, Last Mile, On-Demand, and Trucking) Contact us so we can tell you a little bit more.

Why are you more efficient?

Our proprietary systems and algorithms ensure an optimal dynamic network at all times in each of the regions we operate. This allows us to deliver at great prices, service levels and speeds.

Do we need to fill entire trucks in one order?

No. As we take advantage of many service providers and operate the network ourselves under our own proprietary systems and algorithms, we ensure a full and optimized network at all times. As a business you should not need to worry about capacities, simply schedule for the required volumetric weight and we will ensure all is delivered.

How do we utilize your API's?

Our API’s are open to integration into your systems. We have Pricing Calculation API’s, Shipping API’s and Services API’s. This allows for full visibility into our system.

Where do you operate?

We operate in several regions around the world, including Sao Paulo Brazil, Mexico City, Mexico and Jakarta Indonesia. Contact us to know more.

What are your service policies?

Our service policies differ from region to region. Contact us to know more.

Are the service providers secure and rated?

Quincus believes in safety and training first. All our service providers are trained specifically to ensure full transparency throughout all deliveries where everyone is checked and rated.

I am a service provider, do you have an operational platform?

Quincus systems have a variety of operational systems. Contact us for more information on utilizing our systems to run your service operations.

Do you offer partnerships?

Certainly! We are always looking for ways to grow and diversify. We have several ways that we can integrate our technology with your business. Write to us with your questions and we will be in touch!

Do you run workshops?

Yes! We are happy to provide your team with a thorough workshop to help you get started.

What is your dev kit?

Our developer kit includes a developer guide that explains how to integrate and code our technology into your existing business application and e-commerce websites.

There is no such thing as too many questions, get in touch with us.