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The start of a Quincus journey, to change

Posted: 10/03/15 by Jonathan Savoir


If we look back at how the global economy has evolved in logistics, we have come a long way in maximizing speed and efficiency. It is astonishing that we can have something delivered from New York to Hong Kong in less than 24h. Yet, over 60% of the world population still struggles with stale foods and goods that never arrive or arrive late. In emerging markets there is a gap. Logistics players have not stepped up to the plate to even make a simple delivery within a city happen.

As we built the idea for Quincus in emerging markets, we continuously struggled with questions, such as; “How shall we overcome the complex operational hurdles these regions have? How will we really get to know the market? What does the customer in each of our potential markets actually need?” We quickly realized that one needs to go further back in time to discover what drives the current market and observe what is required for it to change.

As Quincus evolves, we grow to not simply organize urban logistics anymore, instead we help the local B2B paper store manager source his goods faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively in a city. Instead of spending a day a week on organizing with different logistics companies, he handles it in a couple of minutes. Let alone, actually receiving his goods tonight or tomorrow instead of ten days later.

I would not recommend starting in an emerging market for the faint-hearted, understanding a market and building a local team is difficult enough. Change and growth can happen very quickly and affects your team’s moral, operations, customers, sales or drivers. They will question themselves, question the business and ask themselves how they will create something from scratch within their own city.

But, continuously questioning ourselves will drive us forward.

In the two months of being in São Paulo, we have dealt with daily 200km long traffic jams or complex legislation that slows down every single action a company takes. But we also discovered the beauty of the market and really started to understand the customers’ needs. This forced every single one of our team members to become leaders in their own right. Leaders that overcame the operational hurdles to develop something that solves the actual problem and need. They will continue to drive that change and revolutionize the logistics industry globally.

Quincus will adapt, it is part of the learning curve and we will strengthen the pulse of our business. We will continuously innovate for new ways to simplify logistics for the community, partners and customers worldwide. We strive to move the market forward.

Jonathan E. Savoir

CEO & Co-founder

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