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The story of Quincus
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Quincus was founded in London, built on solving logistical issues that businesses face when shipping in regions such as Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Jakarta and Dubai (Coming Soon). We are committed to creating solutions using smarter technology and a personalized user experience to eliminate the traditional and expensive courier options. Instead, we deliver easy, reliable and cost-effective ways to schedule, deliver and control your products.

All-round Teamwork

Together and with the help of an awesome team, we built a platform for businesses and corporations to ship using our network of service providers. We take care of your business, by automating the process and using technology to simplify a complex process, so that you can focus on your business. We take control over our service providers, building an exhaustive network that optimizes through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Partnerships Opportunities

Partnership opportunities are available for anyone that sees the bigger opportunity for smarter logistics. Please get in touch with us for discussing benefits of what we can do for your region.

With our partners, we will provide the technology, API's, algorithms and guidance for every step of the way from access to operations, market support and logistics operations. We also provide a developer kit which includes a developer guide, explaining how to integrate and code our technology into your existing business application and e-commerce websites. We are happy to run a workshop and simulations for you and your team to get you started!

Customer Support

For each delivery, whether it is from the business or the logistics side, we take pride in providing an excellent front-face for your business. We will train your team and developers on how to provide excellent customer support and resolve any issues immediately.

São Paulo

The bustling, jam-packed and most populated metropolis in Brazil.

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The diverse capital with a pulse that doesn't slow down for anyone.

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